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Western Pleasure Saddle

Article by Stewart Ames

Western pleasure saddles are the staple in horse saddle history. These saddles have been used for just about every purpose under the sun. They were one of the first saddles to be used and are still very popular among many people today who love horseback riding. Saddles are at the forefront of the market and see no indication of decline in sales anytime soon. There are different types of western pleasure seats for someone to choose from. With each different type, some of the characteristics may change slightly but overall they still have the same characteristics.One of the categories for these pleasure saddles is just the category of pleasure. They are designed for comfort as well as endurance. These types of pleasure saddles may have a high cantle, this will allow for longer riding times that offer the most comfort when riding. Very decorative tooling is usually done on these types of pads. These saddles will always contain a seat that is comfortable with a moderate size horn. The other type of western pleasure pad is the show saddle. These saddles are designed for judging competitions as well as special events or occasions. You see these saddles mainly in parades or circuses. Rodeos also employ the use of these types of pleasure saddles. These saddles are always very flashy to look at. They keep in touch with today's finest trends and are decked out with silver trimmings over every part of the saddle.Some people use these pleasure pads for competition. The reason for this is due to the light weight that is associated with this type. Less weight means that the horse will be able to perform better and faster than it would if it had to bear a heavy saddle. Competitions such as barrel racing and roping require that a horse be able to run as fast as it can. The swiftness of the horse can be the one thing that helps the rider to win their specific competition.This type of saddle is often used on gaited horses. This allows for a more freedom in their movement. Most pleasure saddles are purchased just for pleasure riding along your local horse trail. These characteristics are generally the same on each western pleasure saddle with slight differences based on what you are using your pleasure saddle for. They can be used for just about any reason and are very dependable to own.

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western pleasure saddle

Western Trail Pleasure Barrel Racing Saddle

Western Trail Pleasure Barrel Racing Saddle

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Makes the horse FLEXIBLE FASTER and SERENE
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What kind of stuff should i train for? (barrel racing, western pleasure.. etc.) which one? help please :)?

Ive been riding for about 2 years now. I had a horse but she was recently sold. I always wanted to train her for barrel racing but she just wasnt the right horse.. so i started training her for western pleasure. Now.. my horse reared and took off... so i lost a lot of confidence and balance. I am scared to barrel race because of all that could go wrong. But I kind of wanna do western pleasure because it is calm. I know this is confusing... but i like to go like a medium speed canter.... but i dont want to turn a lot... and i prefer something in a western saddle :) i was thinking about pole bending... but anybody have any suggestions about what you think i would have fun doing?
Do you think i should go out for barrel racing... but train for it first? idk? i might think i should try :)

are barrel racing saddles allowed in western pleasure shows? HELP!!?

PLEASE HELP. My horse is going in a show soon and I need to know what saddle!!! Western Pleasure classes! And my barrel racing horse has a barrel racing saddle, and I can't afford another saddle, do you think I could use my barrel racing saddle in western pleasure?

Show Saddles – What do you prefer? Rico, Billy Cook, Circle Y, Chavez?

xoxoShay_LaNaexoxo said:

I'm looking to buy a new show saddle for horsemanship and pleasure, one with cut out/close contact fenders and over sized skirts, and probably a 17" seat. I expect to pay a pretty penny for it, but I'd like to know what you would suggest. I currently own an older Tex Tan, a good saddle for the money. I also have a Billy Cook barrel saddle, which I think is equally good for the money. I personally like Rico saddles, and Dale Chavez's as well. I've heard bad things about different silver's on saddles as well, any horror stories? Ideally, my perfect show saddle would have barely any silver, I'm more into good quality leather and beautiful craftsmanship and tooling. But its difficult to find a great show saddle without the silver.. Too bad. Any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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